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Summer Craig

Summer Craig

I promote insurance agent leaders to shine online and become a quick leading authority so they can make a bigger impact on protecting more families in a shorter window of time.

Hi there, I am Summer Craig. I find it vital to give insurance agents of tomorrow the ethical tools they need to grow their business with a rapidly changing online presence. My goal is to serve insurance agents with more effective strategies that layer well with the current offers today by the companies they work for.

I have a proven success track record on growing a business through online organic social media tactics that take little spend and have a lot of engagement.

I want to spread that knowledge and provide the skills to you.

Marketing doesn’t need to be hard and frustrating.

We make marketing fun!



I am a Marketing professional, Personal Brand Strategists, Video Confidence Coach, and Jewelry Designer.

I have 20 years of experience coaching insurance agents and their teams at a Fortune 30 company and the leading insurance carrier in the United States.

I held licenses in all lines of insurance as well as securities and mortgage certifications.

My clients become the most trusted to serve families with ease and open the door to new positive possibilities.

I am a Certified Effective Communication Facilitator and led 200+ attendee virtual learning sessions on online marketing, acquisition, and retention processes for agents and their team members.


As a highly creative, electrifying, and fun-loving individual, Summer Craig is one of the most authentic and client-driven marketing professionals, personal brand strategists, and designers you will ever meet. She leverages her high energy, authentic personality, and digital media optimization talents to successfully support insurance agents in building themselves up across all social channels and have an amazing experience along the way. With her Elite Modern Marketing Pro Program, Summer diligently works to customize your branding image, tone, and social media vibes that are proven to outshine the competition, help gain organic traffic and push you to become the talk of the town in no time.

Summer has contagious positivity that draws out the best in everyone she is around and has a true underlying passion for her work. This, in conjunction with her extensive entrepreneurial background and previously being an insurance agent herself, Summer is a profound expert in her field and cannot wait to guide you through the marketing complexities so you can prosper on the other side.

It is no secret that Summer is a one of a kind, unique professional who knows exactly how to bring the fun and lightness back into business. But her qualifications are really what make eyebrows lift. With over 20 years of coaching and consulting agency teams all over the country, and building personal online brands from the ground up, this efficient and effective modern marketing pro has a long list of impressive highlights, including:

  • Grown an audience of 6,000 to her Facebook Live Video Interview Podcast Weekly Show organically through positive story media
  • Created own handmade gemstone luxury jewelry line called Summer Craig Jewelry in 2005 
  • Created a consulting business to train business owners on how to leverage live video and camera digital marketing strategies
  • Built a jewelry and marketing coaching business for creative jewelry designers 
  • Created an online jewelry school, teaching others how to make jewelry with her own video and editing skills
  • Spent 20 years working with Fortune 30 insurance and financial service companies in the Agency and Marketing Department
  • Spent 10 years as an Agency Field Specialist, helping agents and their teams on the acquisition and retention processes to hit growth goals year after year.
  • Was an Agency Marketing Process Coach, helping teams manage their marketing and sales funnel, increase conversions, and improve online visibility through local organic SEO
  • Held licenses in all lines of insurance as well as securities and mortgage licenses

Nothing makes Summer happier than being able to spread happiness and be a valuable resource for insurance agents like yourself thrive. She knows how competitive the industry is and how hard it can be to genuinely connect with customers to stand out from the rest. But with her experiences, inventory of successes, and incredible skills that she continuously advances as trends/technology evolves, you can solidify your confidence that you will reach more engagement, find new leads, gain more customers, and outshine your competition unlike ever before.

So, if you are ready to become a top dog, fostering countless captivating and attractive digital branding content that builds loyal relationships, all while adding some joy back into the mix, then you already know what your next move should be.

The most powerful way to empower someone is to show them their own highest value. 

Developing your true brand, showing up, adding more value online using your talents- all the best parts of you, is what will attract others to you. Its time to shine online with Summer. I would be honored to help you grow your life, your team, and your career. Become an Elite Pro. Book a call!  

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"Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you." - Oprah Winfrey